5 Safety Tips for Kids at the Campsite

safety tips kids campingA new world opens up at the campsite. Kids become engrossed in the massive world they find themselves in. It's so different from their normal life, they cannot help but get swept up. While this world is adorned with beauty and excitement, it has comes with many dangers. Preparing kids for safety and success starts with you. Here are some safety tips for kids, especially those that haven't gone camping before.


Footwear is one of the most important things for a child at a campsite. Most of the time they are going to be running fast across unfamiliar grounds. Sad to say, not everyone takes good care of the place they stay. They will encounter trash and debris left by others, but also rocks, sharp sticks, and even pine-cones. All of these can do damage to their feet, especially if they are not used to running bare. And a little cut on the foot can force them to sit for the remainder of their camping trip, which they won't like. Wear shoes and be safe.

Leave It Be

Teach your kids that taking and moving things in nature is not allowed. The environment that they are enjoying is a fragile and delicate thing. Disrupting it puts pressure on the environment as a whole. This can cause real problems and most parks and campsites will kick you out or ban you if they catch you messing with the environment (although, usually it's just a warning at first). This lesson teaches them to respect the environment and appreciate the gifts it gives.


You are going to find plants that are poisonous. This concept can be very new to your child. Teach them that some plants are not to be touched and if they are not sure, then it should just be left alone. Show them on your phone, or from books, pictures of plants in that area that are dangerous. It can be good for the first few days to stick very close to them and show them which plants should be avoided.


Fire is not usually so close to us, but while camping it can be right near us. Teach your kids correct fire safety. Not only do they need to know that they need to walk very slowly near fire, but certain things near the fire are going to be very hot. This includes lanterns and torches. Do not expect them to know these things unless you are there to teach them.


This might be one of the first times your child is around adults and kids alike in massive numbers. All of them are there for relaxing and vacationing. But not everyone can be trusted. It can be easy for us to let down our guard while on vacation, but we must be very concerned with stranger danger and what other people might be up to. This starts and ends with you. Teaching your kids correct camping safety is one of most important things you will ever do at a campsite. This is especially true if this is your child's first time camping. There are a lot of things to be on the look out for and a lot of things to worry about. You are their safety net, so teach them well.

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