4 Camping Knots Everyone Should Know How to Tie

camping-knotsKnowing the ins and outs of knots is a lot more important that you'd initially think. A knot used correctly is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal, making difficult or dangerous situations easier and safer. All you need is the right know-how and a little patience and you'll be on your way to a better camp experience. We'll start by showing you the ropes with these 4 knots every camper should know.

The Square Knot

A square knot is a great place to start. This trusty knot is perfect for securing a bandage or tying shorter pieces of rope together to make one long, strong piece. Begin with two pieces of rope or material of your choice. Pick up the two pieces, one in each hand, and do a knot like you're tying your shoes, the black piece goes under and then over the white piece. square-camping-knot Now do another knot like you're tying your shoes, but this time the white piece goes under and then over the black piece. square-knot-2 To finish the knot, simply pull it tight so it looks like this: square-knot-3

Bowline Knot

The bowline is another important knot because it stays tight, making it ideal for mountain climbing and keeping things tied down. Start with one piece of rope and make a loop with some room on both sides, like this: bowline-knot camping Now take the end of the rope and pull it through the loop. camping knot bowline Next part is a little hard. Take the end of the rope and put it behind the long, free end and then through and under the loop so it looks like this: photo-6 Now pull it tight and you are good to go.

Clove Hitch

This hitch is used for most shelters. It's a simple hitch that can be used to finish off anything you've tied down. Take your rope and wrap it once around your object of choice, like a post or tree. clove hitch knot Next, go around the post again, this time going under the new loop you formed, like this: camping knot hitchTo finish it, pull the rope around again, tuck it under the other loops and pull it tight. how to tie a clove hitchTimber Hitch The timber hitch isn't going to be your most used knot but it can save you in certain situations. This knot is great for pulling or dragging a load. Start off by having your rope under your load, like this : another camping knotThen wrap it around and pull the rope through the top part three times, like this : timber hitch knotThis knot is only good for pulling, but great for it. Once you stop, the knot will simply come undone. These 4 knots will really help you out at the campsite because they let you tackle tough situations easier. When you set up a tent, it will be more secure. When you tie down a tarp, you know it won't will stay. With just a few simple knots you are on your way to a better and safer time camping.

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